Business Success Partner

Congratulations you have a Business Success Partner! This can be one of the most rewarding business experiences that you will ever have. I hope you choose this to be your intention. So what exactly is a business success partner?

A business success partner can be anything that you choose it to be someone that inspires, motivates or kicks butt. Most of us have had some experience may be in our childhood or school maybe when losing weight that special someone who kept us on track and did not allow us to give up on ourselves. I hope you’ll choose to make your success partner an amazing, wonderful and positive experience. I hope you’ll invest time, energy, effort and a sincere interest in assisting your success partner. One thing I can guarantee, you will get back as much and possibly much more than you put into your success partner relationship. So how do you get started? Choose someone you admire!

Step one: Get together with your success partner and find out some of the basics like; where will you connect, how often and how long you want to work together etc. Find out what works with both of your schedules. This first connection can be done over the phone, in person, over coffee, over lunch, over dinner or taking a walk. Find what works for both of you. The intention for both of you to keep in mind is this is about you helping your partner be more successful and your partner helping you become more successful.

You might ask some questions, like what motivates you? What does success look like to you? You’ll want to let your success partner know how to motivate you. For some people it might be a kick in the (_) for others it could be a serious cheering section – you know, that exciting victory dance, that motivates everyone. You might choose to connect on the phone daily in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

Step two: Get to know your success partner this is where you really get to ask lots of questions about what they do why they do it and how they do it? What would a great client look like? Find out a bit of history about them, what makes them better than their competition. Ask about some of their biggest business success stories. And don’t forget to tell them lot’s about you, the more they know about you the more they can help you.

Step three: Book some appointments together and set some important goals. Maybe you both are looking for one, two or three new clients during a one month period. This is where you get to plan your work and work your plan. Great networking can occur anywhere, at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a public location or a Favourite Clients place of business. Look for local events, chamber meetings, open houses, trade shows, and business networking events or perhaps even on the course. Get creative, definitely have fun and follow-up on every referral you are given. It is OK to separate at the event you go looking for opportunities for your partner, they go looking for opportunities for you only this time you have someone singing your praises while you are singing your success partners praises!
Let the magic begin!

Author: Laurel A. Hillton, MCC, L.S.I., LSC