Business Coaching Article:

“Diamonds in your Backyard”

There absolutely are “diamonds” in your backyard, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find them. They have always been there, you just may have overlooked them or not seen them in their usual bedazzling form. What I mean by that is we all have opportunities staring us in the face and we sometimes gloss over them or don’t seize/sees the opportunity until we think differently!  I am talking sees them with our eyes, mind and grasp with our hands!

We will see them  when  our  intentions  are  heightened  and  we  begin to  look  for opportunities with purpose.   Look for opportunities, give opportunities to others, ask for referrals and offer something of value to others.    Often opportunities will effortlessly come to us through the process of giving to others – IF we are intentionally listening, helping and expecting!